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Recommended children’s VR apps

Kids today are part of the screen generation. The current generation of Zoomers are people who were born in a wholly digital world. On the other hand, Generation X is those who had ample time to grow up with video game arcades, TVs, and other analog devices. Children today, however, are utterly screen-based since they were born after the commercialization of the internet. They operate with a different set of assumptions and expectations as far as reality goes.

This fact is not a blanket statement, and it is quite substantial because the implications are broad. We’re talking about kids who can spend hours in a day glued to their devices and socialize through purely virtual channels. You really can’t tell these kids that they don’t have any friends.  Instead, you only need to look at their phones and see that they have hundreds of text messages that they sent to each other even though they’re physically together.

A lot of kids would text each other while they’re sitting right next to each other at home or in school. It just really blows the mind of somebody who wasn’t born in that generation.

The good news is that they can access fascinating technology that bridges the virtual world and the “real world.” It is the world of augmented reality apps. Instead of being scared that you may be confronted with technology that you could barely understand and much less control, augmented reality apps might provide a lot of opportunities for parents to enhance the value of their kid’s screen time.

It is straightforward for our children to grow up on a diet of digital junk food. There’s just so much garbage online content out there that doesn’t add value to their training as empathic, helpful and value-seeking individuals. There are all sorts of empty types of entertainment out there that simply train them to consume without necessarily giving back.

When you take a proactive role in seeking out reality apps, you would be richly rewarded because there are augmented reality apps available for IOS and Android platforms that you and your child will enjoy. A lot of them don’t even charge a single penny. You can rest assured that the kind of moral, ethical, and intellectual training your kids will get from such apps would fall in line with the ones you would like for your children.

Try out these augmented reality apps for kids today:

Reality pool

It doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy day and you can’t get out. Even if you don’t have space in your home or know how to engage in sports, or maybe you’re in a confined area, this app enables you and your child to have a good time. It also helps parents who want to play billiards to engage with their children physically. 

This app lets you bring a pool table in your house without having to worry about space and costly equipment. You don’t have to buy billiard balls or even a billiard table. You simply put a rectangular object on a flat surface. It could be a piece of paper, a newspaper, a rug, or a cereal box. As you hover your phone over this flat surface, a pool table will appear.

You can walk around the table to execute your shots and use the online cue to take them. Your kids would have a great time because they don’t have to have a super stable hand-eye coordination to do well in this game. The best part of this virtual pool game is that you get to spend time with your children.

Iron HUD

Thanks to this app, you get to experience being Iron Man inside his iron suit as you navigate your real world. You just need to hold up your phone and start seeing the world through the eyes of Iron Man. If you watched the Iron Man movies on the big screen, you would remember that Tony Stark, as played by Robert Downey, had a robot assistant call, Jarvis.

The Iron Man HUD or overhead device enables you to be guided by your digital assistant, Jarvis. This app also has options to upgrade your experience to in-app purchases.  You can play mini games such as fire lasers, rockets, among others. Kids would have a great time using the Iron HUD virtual reality app because they can get to see the world through the eyes of one of their most popular Marvel Heroes.


If you are the creative type or if you want to encourage the creative side of your child, get them to play this augmented reality game, Quiver. All you need to do is download the app, and the coloring pages from will appear, and you can color like you would on a physical piece of paper.

The great thing about Quiver is it doesn’t just begin and end with a virtual coloring on surfaces. When you hover your phone over pictures, they will come to life. They will move, and your kids will just squeal with delight because not only do they get to do virtual coloring books, but there’s quite a bit of animation going on.

The great thing about Quiver is that it is scalable. There are options to download free designs from its website. This way, your kids can enhance their creativity and express their imagination.

Dinosaurs Everywhere

If you have a little kid, you probably already know how famous dinosaurs are to them.  You probably don’t need to be convinced of that fact. Dinosaurs everywhere is an app that satisfies most kids’ inborn curiosity for anything related to dinosaurs. The great thing about this app is that your kids need only to point the phone camera anywhere outside their window, and they are sure to see dinosaurs. If you thought that Pokémon Go was an amazing virtual reality app, you need to try Dinosaurs Everywhere.

This app is going to be a sure hit with your kids regardless of their age. If you are looking to have fun with your children and enable them to be engaged in a virtual reality game environment wherever you are, download and install the Dinosaur Everywhere app so that your kids can dodge dinosaurs in the supermarket or while playing in the park.

The final word

Keep the augmented reality apps for kids in mind if your kids are bored or want your kids to have more meaningful screen time. As much as possible, pick apps that enable you and your kid to spend time together doing activities that both of you will enjoy.

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