A Guide to the Best Virtual Reality Games for 2021

Over the years, virtual reality has gotten a lot of hype that people have been excited. A lot of the game titles that do make the way to the market have simply underwhelmed people. That’s the politest way to say it. But the truth is, it’s effortless to overstate everything that virtual reality has going for it, but it’s another thing entirely to deliver on those promises.

It’s important to understand that on paper, it’s straightforward to get excited about virtual reality. Who wouldn’t want to explore the completely different side of reality that draws us from our five senses and recreate the sensory triggers into a fact that we could call our own? This scenario is a reality that we can control. It’s at a different state of being that pulls us in and blows our minds as to what is possible.

The problem is that, as easy it is to get excited about virtual reality’s potential, a lot of the VR game authoring tools and game design systems still suffer from a two-dimensional world. There are just so many ways current game technology creation tools can present virtual reality.

There seems to be a disconnect between what is possible with hardware like Oculus Rift and other similar devices and what we are left with. Any kind of honest review or analysis of virtual reality games has to confront this reality.

There is a disconnect between the underlying technology on the hardware level and what we can currently create on the software level. This limitation gets in the way of virtual reality games that would truly blow our minds. We’re talking about games that leave standard flat-screen video games, no matter how well-rendered, entirely in the dust. This fact is also what frustrates a lot of would-be fans of virtual reality games.

They can wrap their heads around the underlying technology, but they are all too predictably disappointed when they get to play the game—these always playout for the vast majority of games that claim to be VR games. The same judgment could be said for them.

If there’s this gravity ray that the virtual reality games seem to suffer from, they can’t entirely break away from the inherent limitations, assumptions, and expectations of 2D game development that awaits us in the fantastic world of virtual reality. 

Ideally, virtual reality games should appeal to all your senses. When you are in a VR game that fires all your cylinders, you should be able to see hear, touch, taste, and smell a different kind of reality. Better yet, the best virtual reality takes bits and stands over suggestions from the real world, mixes and matches them, and recombines them to provide a different sensory experience ultimately. This fact is not a theory. 

There are initial projects out there that highlight how far we could go. But the problem is, in many cases, game development is a business that crawls on its belly. It’s driven forward by basic commercial instincts that are all too conservative and fearful.

It’s no surprise then that many VR games out there dub themselves as virtual reality games but don’t even come close to fully unlocking the full potential of virtual reality gaming. With that said, here are the best virtual reality games for the 2021.

Ghost Giant

This game is a story about Louis, a sad feline that you can control with ghost-like hands. It uses an overhead view, so you will be able to help him witness all the challenges that he faces in the story and the other characters. You get a hanging picture of how he looks at the world. The point of the game is to solve puzzles from Louis’ perspective. Many of these puzzles are fun, and if you’re looking for a great way to burn through a lot of extra time, the ghost giant is a good bet.

Trover Saves the Universe

This game is quite popular. It’s one of the breakthrough VR games of 2020. The reason for its popularity has less to do with the technology underlining its graphics but more in its content. It uses mature humor, and it’s incredible to see the story unfold around Trover. If you have a good sense of humor, this game is for you.

If you could use a laugh, this game has a fantastic story, but it also has excellent graphics and cartoony features that work. Most people couldn’t quite put their finger on why Trover Saves the Universe became such a hit, but it just works. Its virtual reality credential may not be its primary source of appeal, but it helps push the game forward as far as game immersion, overall experience, and world interactions go.

Stardust Odyssey

The Stardust Odyssey is your game if you’re looking for an undersea adventure while traveling in your spaceship. It is an excellent option for people looking to explore different virtual worlds. It is a strategy game. You’re going to have to balance your skills shooting the bad guys with the time and resources you have.

You can skip a lot of combat by going stealth and focusing on leveling up your ship. It is an excellent game for people looking for a nice mix of action strategy and virtual reality. The downside to Stardust Odyssey is that the overall story that seeks to unite the others isn’t that good.

There’s a lot of holes. The artwork is as surprising and futuristic as it may be while retaining realistic elements, but it doesn’t quite expand the boundaries of virtual reality. Stardust Odyssey would play great if it were a standard game instead of a VR title.

Vader Immortal

If you are a big fan of the Star Wars series, this is your virtual reality game. You’ll get into the Star Wars world and battle with droids while brandishing your lightsaber. You also get to spend some FaceTime with Darth Vader because this is part of the Skywalker trilogy. If you want to capture the essence of what it’s like to live out your fantasies in the Star Wars universe, you definitely would want to take this game for a spin.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is well known as a terror title. If you’re looking for a great scream and big into horror movies and games, this title should be right up your alley. What makes this title a bit more terrifying is that they have gone to the virtual reality route while there are some scary animatronics and various minigames that you can explore. The overall fear factor is kind of manageable. 

It’s not the best, but it has enough thrills, spills, and chills to keep even the most jaded horror fan coming back. There are some areas for improvement, but if you are looking for a great horror experience, you might want to consider the control room scene in this game. It is mind-blowing, but it’s not advisable for people who have claustrophobia.

Blood and Truth

If you’re looking for a virtual reality game that offers the rare mixture of high-tech video game action and humor, you might want to consider this immersive title. You are going to have an excellent time while at war with all the missiles flying all over the place, and planes are on fire just taking up your screen.

It’s very realistic. If you’re looking for hyper-realistic graphics while enabling you to live out your combat fantasies in the virtual realm, Blood and Truth should be right up your alley.

The final word on virtual reality games

The virtual reality games of 2021 do have some highlights and bright lights. Virtual reality games, as a practical matter, still have a long way to go. Virtual reality is not just reconstructing reality in front of a screen that you can control with zeros and ones. It goes beyond that. It’s all about reconstituting reality and on that front, they’re still definitely a lot of space for improvement.

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