How to Pick the Top Virtual Reality Headsets

In the market for anything related to virtual reality, there is no shortage of merchandise. Many manufacturers from China and other areas of the world know that they just need to stamp on virtual reality on their packaging, and they would get a lot more customers. 

There is, of course, a lot of buzz surrounding the “virtual reality” technology as well as the acronym VR. These terms represent everything that is cutting edge as far as consumer technology goes. The problem is whether the hype can genuinely live up to reality and whether the truth can truly live up to the hype. There has always been a disconnect.

In many cases, it’s effortless to laugh at all these devices, which are merely large goggles and cost a tremendous amount of money but doesn’t give you anything substantially different from that of a typical game station console screen. How do you make heads or tails of all the different 3D glasses and virtual reality headsets that currently flood the market? The good news is that there are a few products and brands that aren’t necessarily just trying to cash in on the phrase “virtual reality.”

A lot of these brands are simply trying to pass themselves off as virtual reality headsets by delivering an experience that is less than underwhelming. It’s straightforward to get skeptical because of the sheer flood of merchandise currently in the market. The good news is that there are a handful of products out there that genuinely deliver something more than just the essential VR goggle experience that you have grown accustomed to.

They do their best to unlock all the richness and nuances that are apparent in virtual reality technology. VR technology is not just about recreating something that you can readily see, hear, taste, and smell out there in the “real world” and presided in a controlled computer-driven environment. Those are the basics real VR has to go beyond. It’s all about emotional immersion and reconfiguring reality as your mind grapples with it.

That is the ultimate form of virtual reality. It’s not just the input, but what goes on inside your head. It takes hardware that is designed, manufactured, and serviced to bring you to a whole other level. With that said, here are some of the best products that we have come across as far as virtual reality headsets go.

Pansonite 3D VR glasses

This unit’s headset is currently the most affordable ones in the market. If you are looking for an experience that gets close to a top-notch, but very expensive VR gaming headgear, this is the product for you. You get an out-of-this-world virtual reality experience without the nasty sticker shop.

It has a piece of cloth in the front and an adjustable headband. It also has a built-in headphone. The key here is to sit back and enjoy your virtual theater simply. Because your ears have taken the virtual reality audio while your eyes feast on the 3D features, it features a small case you can play on your phone’s AR or augmented reality mobile apps while plugged into your Panasonic device.

Valve Index

One of the most prominent qualities of this product is that it tends to be on the heavy side. It’s kind of a bit bulky. It is precisely the feature that excites virtual reality geeks. You can tell just by looking at this device that there’s no screwing around it.

It is a bit on the heavy side, but for a reason. It is well built, and you can see the difference the moment you put it on. It has integrated speakers, and comfortable cushions are around your head to make sure that your experience is as close to a theater-like experience as possible. If you want to recapture 3D movie experience, this device comes close.

It has a high-resolution LCD panel in the front that produces graphics that is very hard to compete with. If you were to line up the Valve Index with other players, they’re going to have a tough time because it’s LCD panel also comes with cameras and a USB slot. This device already delivers tremendous experience in the here and now.

It also has the architecture to be scaled up to meet the demands of future virtual reality technology. Finally, the controllers that you get with this device perfectly fit your hands through adjustable straps. It has pressure-sensitive control buttons. If you are looking for the Mercedes-Benz of virtual reality devices, you don’t need to look any further than the Valve Index.

HTC Vive

Taiwan’s HTC is a technology leader, and it shows how they designed and produced this virtual reality headset used for a PC. It has incredible capabilities, and it can track rooms. You can access your phone while you’re using this VR headset. It has a camera that has a pass-through feature so you can check out the reality outside your headset while you’re playing a game. It has incredible accessories such as a tracker that allows you to bring real-world data points into your virtual world. 

The TPCast add-on is not some mindless extra feature that they just threw in. Instead, it helps you operate wirelessly, which is perfect for free-range movements as you wear this VR device. Another remarkable feature is the deluxe audio strap so that you can add headphones to your headset. 

Oculus Go

This equipment is a standalone device that is designed for wireless environments. A lot of people appreciate this device because its design enables them to preserve their battery life. It also offers a vast selection of games and apps right out of the box. The downside to this is that the device is not expressly open source. You’re left with whatever selection it has currently available.

Although it has sizable content elections, it can get stale very quickly. Another bonus to this device that you can use this to build your virtual apartment and invite friends over to watch Netflix, play games, or share 360 videos. It is quite a social device. It has everything you need to enjoy VR content like high-resolution lenses, powerful Qualcomm processor, and built-in speakers and microphone.

The final word on virtual reality headsets

If you’re looking for headsets that come close to fully pushing the boundaries of what is possible with virtual reality, you might want to start with the list of products above. As you become familiar with these, you would know what their limitations are. You would know how far you can go with their features. These products have enough capabilities that will help you genuinely enjoy a lot of the current virtual reality content available in the market.

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